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Talk from Kubernetes co-founder Brendan Burns

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Talk from Kubernetes co-founder Brendan Burns

Below analogy with processor instruction set is amazing and it is taken from the discussion here – Cloud Native Show: What’s Cloud Native, Really? [6:12].

Is tooling the challenge? [8:29] – When do I reach for a book?

The processor. I’ve a friend from college who’s worked on processor microcode for 20 years.
The amount of stuff that happens below that machine instruction
is actually amazing, but we never think about it. >> So I think the complexity is always going to be there.
The key is defining those abstraction layers so that you can mostly ignore it and we’re not quite
there with Cloud.

We haven’t fully hidden the VM. I don’t think VMs are ever going to go away,
but we have to get to a place where they’re really fully hidden for say 99.99 percent of the population.   Right now, we’re at a world where maybe that’s like 50 percent of the population,
and I think we have to keep pushing towards that.   I think we are pushing towards that with Serverless containers and 
things like that, functions as a service,.
But we’re not done. Because the places where we’ve done it are too narrow,
too vertically defined.   So people keep having to go to raw infrastructure because they
need some library or they need some native code,

Learn Kubernetes from the founder itself.

Watch the full playlist here – https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLasX02E8BPCrIhFrc_ZiINhbRkYMKdPT

1 – 6:54 A conversation with Brendan Burns: What is Kubernetes?

2 – 8:45 A conversation with Brendan Burns: Career Development

3 – 6:29 Why you should care about containers

4 – 5:35 How Kubernetes works

5 – 6:35 How Kubernetes deployments work

6 – 7:54 Understand Serverless Kubernetes and Serverless on Kubernetes

7 – 7:35 How the Kubernetes scheduler works

8 – 6:25 Setting up a Kubernetes build pipeline

9 – 3:44 Overview of common Kubernetes scenarios

10 – 5:41 How volumes and storage work in Kubernetes

11 – 7:07 The basics of stateful applications in Kubernetes

12 – 5:06 Understand secrets management in Kubernetes

13 – 6:54 How Kubernetes and Configuration Management works

14 – 7:15 Understand Role Based Access Control in Kubernetes

15 – 5:45 Getting production ready in Kubernetes

16 – 6:21 How Service Meshes Work in Kubernetes

17 – 5:40 Simple Application Management on Kubernetes with Operators

18 – 7:06 Getting started With Monitoring and Alerting for Kubernetes

19 – 7:47 How Pods and the Pod Lifecycle work in Kubernetes

20 – 6:22 Customizing and Extending the Kubernetes API with Admission Controllers

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