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Microsoft built tree houses for its employees

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Microsoft has built some tree houses for its employees. One sits in a Pacific Northwest Douglas fir, while another is 12 feet above the ground and features charred-wood walls and a high ceiling complete with a skylight. Microsoft describes it as having a “gingerbread-house” feel, which I’m guessing can only mean good things because it’s Christmas-y and Christmas is warm and fuzzy.

There are three tree houses in total: two are open, and the third is a sheltered lounge space, which is due to be completed later in the year. They feature meeting rooms which employees can use, or they can pop in and work away casually in other parts of the tree houses if they wish. They were created by Pete Nelson, who’s known for his building work on TV show Treehouse Masters. The buildings will last at least 20 years and are made to expand as the trees grow, which is pretty wild.

Inside Microsoft’s New Multi-Million Dollar Treehouses

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