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Dataminr acquires Krizo to add incident response to Dataminr Pulse

Dataminr, used by corporations to monitor real-time events, has acquired Krizo, a crisis response platform that features playbooks, messaging tools and post-event documentation.

For Dataminr, the Krizo purchase is its second acquisition in four months as it aims to expand its platform. Dataminr said that Krizo’s technology will be integrated into Dataminr Pulse. In July, Dataminr bought Watchkeeper, which offered a geovisualization platform.

The acquisition highlights how Dataminr is looking to move beyond real-time information discovery to responding to events. Enterprises have been focused on event monitoring given supply chain disruptions, natural disasters and cyberattacks that can all impact operations.

For instance, Krizo has a set of playbooks that can be deployed based on various incidents. The company’s platform aims to replace a morass of PDFs, emails, documents and messaging systems during incident response.

Krizo, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, has a platform that can be used for corporate incident response collaboration and communication as well as simulation. Krizo customers include Fujifilm, Vodaphone, Maersk and Palo Alto Networks. Krizo’s platform includes:

  • Playbooks.
  • Mass notifications.
  • Dashboards.
  • Log recording.
  • Assign actions.
  • Full audit trail.

Dataminr, which raised $475 million in April, said it will release a new version of Dataminr Pulse that include both Watchkeeper and Krizo functionality at the start of 2022. 

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