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Brightcove announces new video features allowing companies to build their own Netflix or Hulu

Brightcove unveiled two new products on Tuesday designed to help customers leverage video features.

Brightcove CorpTV allows enterprises to build content streaming channels for their customers or employees while the Brightcove Marketing Studio provides a centralized video management system to marketers.

Brightcove CMO Jennifer Griffin Smith said the new platforms will help companies “cut through the noise, transcend static websites and enthrall the people they want to connect with.”

“The secret is thinking like a media company and engaging audiences, driving greater brand awareness, creating new revenue streams and brand loyalty. To see Brightcove CorpTV in action, check out the Brightcove PLAY TV app, Brightcove’s very own Brightcove CorpTV channel,” Smith said. 

“Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when they read it in text and marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video marketers. In today’s remote (and tomorrow’s hybrid) world it is a given that video enables us to boost brands, engage employees and build pipelines more efficiently.”

The company said CorpTV would help organizations “think and act like media brands” while offering enterprises a way to forge closer ties with their customers, employees and partners. 

Likening the effort to Netflix or Hulu, Brightcove said organizations can relay branded stories, shows, case studies, demos, training content, speeches, panels, tech explainers, cause-related content and entertaining diversions over a variety of devices.

Through the effort, companies will also be able to sell advertisements, sponsorships and premium content. The platform also provides users with detailed measurements on viewership and other metrics. 

The Brightcove Marketing Studio was released alongside the CorpTV platform and was built to help marketers find, use, and repurpose video assets.

Brightcove noted that it can become costly creating video content for marketing but surveys have shown video is now an integral part of content strategies. 

“Marketing professionals have typically been forced to search multiple systems to find ideal videos for their initiatives, often lacking insight into which videos perform best or what useful assets actually exist,” the company said in a statement.  

“Brightcove Marketing Studio provides role-based access to video assets through a team’s preferred social platforms, marketing automation, digital asset management, and content management tools.”

In addition to providing a centralized video management system, Brightcove Marketing Studio comes with search functions and recommendations to make it easier for marketers to find videos that fit a certain topic, format, audience and buyer stage. The platform also tracks how well a video did analytically.

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