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Behind the Tech with Kevin Scott

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These are Amazing audio podcast series named Behind the Tech from Microsoft – which has talks with some of the people that have made our modern technological world possible, and understand what motivated them to do what they did. This helps to learn a little bit about the history of computing, and get a few behind-the-scenes insights into what’s happening today.

KEVIN SCOTT: In these podcasts episodes, we’re going to get behind the tech. 

We’re going to talk with some of the people that have made our modern technological world possible, and understand what motivated them to do what they did.  They had a great idea.  They had passion about a particular thing and they did it, and it benefited all of us in this really awesome way, and shouldn’t we care about that? 

I think history is valuable in a ton of different ways, like helping you not get too damned excited over the thing that you’ve just invented that you really didn’t invent because it’s been invented ten times already, and if you knew that, maybe you could have saved yourself just a little bit of work.   

I’d love for developers of all ages to listen, so people who are early in their career to learn a little bit about the history of the industry, and maybe to get some insight and perspective on what it means to be a really great engineer.  Wow, it’s great that I can see this person who, in a whole bunch of ways, is like me and maybe that inspires me to go off and do something awesome. 

I think there are also a bunch of folks like me, where it’s going to be all kinds of nostalgic.  You know just, “Oh my God, I remember that.”  Like the walk down memory lane. 

What I want people to get out of the show is inspiration.  I want them to be a little more informed about the history of computing, and what’s happening now behind the scenes they might not otherwise see.  And I think all of that’s important because technology is such a huge part of all of our daily lives, that even those of us who aren’t engineers should understand a little bit more about what’s going on behind the tech that is suffusing our lives. 

I’m Kevin Scott, Chief Technology Officer at Microsoft.  In my new podcast, I’ll be talking with really cool people who have done and are still building really amazing technology.  So sign up and tune in so we geek out this summer. 

All list of podcasts

15 – Danah boyd: Researcher, activist, tech scholar
14 – Neha Narkhede: Author, entrepreneur, and Confluent cofounder
13 – Sam Altman: Entrepreneurial prodigy, Y Combinator President and OpenAI CEO
12 – Bill Coughran: Bell Labs researcher, Google executive, and Sequoia Capital VC
11 – Fei-Fei Li: Human-Centered AI
10 – Surya Ganguli: Artificial intelligence innovator
09 – Reid Hoffman: Co-founder PayPal and LinkedIn – investor, author, and entrepreneur
08 – Jaron Lanier: Father of Virtual Reality, renaissance man
07 – Dio Gonzalez: On Mixed Reality in our daily life
06 – Wences Casares: Betting on Bitcoin
05 – Danielle Feinberg: Pixar’s Academy Award-winning Computer Scientist
04 – Judy Estrin: Co-creator in Developing the Internet
03 – Andrew Ng: Influential Leader in Artificial Intelligence
02 – Alice Steinglass: Code.org Expanding Access to Computer Science
01 – Anders Hejlsberg: A Craftsman of Computer Language (inventor of C#)
00 – Behind the Tech trailer 

 Source & Ref: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/behind-the-tech 


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