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Understand the relationship between discovery, invention and innovation.

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Discovery, invention, and innovation.

What are the relationships between them? 

So that we understand what we are going to discuss now.

The Discovery:

Discovery, as you all know, relates to finding new laws,

a principle and a concept – Example: The Raman Effect is a discovery.

Einstein’s energy equation is a discovery. 

Chandrashekhar’s Chandra’s limit is discovery, OK.

The invention:

Now, invention from the basic theory,

evolves finding new systems, for example, Graham Bell’s telephone.

Graham Bell’s Telephone is an invention. And,

Thomas Alva Edison’s light and bulb is an invention.

Marconi’s wireless system is an invention.

Innovation and its Relationship with Discovery and Invention: 

Now, the question is what is the relationship?

The change that creates a new dimension to
performance is the innovation – definition by Peter Drucker.

Example 1:

Now, for example. You take the telephone.
A telephone was invented by Graham Bell.

Telephone and wireless communication

is equal to — you may get a mobile telephone and its variance.

Its application is a great example of innovation.

Example 2:

That is why the mobile telephone becomes an innovation.

The Internet is an invention

Cable television is another invention.

Using the Internet to deliver cable TV over a computer is an

innovation. Followed, yes, or no?

Example 3:

The laser itself is a discovery

But Doctor Manilal Bhaumik’s invention is Excimer laser.

And the application of Excimer laser for eye surgery is an innovation.

Now, can you see the difference between the discovery and the invention and the innovation?

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