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The Man Who Revolutionized Computer Science With Mathematics

What is the problem statement? We couldn't formulate the behavior of distributed computing systems during system failures. In a distributed system, it is sometimes impossible to say that...

Language Design – Linguist Noam Chomsky on the syntactic principle of language, the linguistic capacity of humans, and the laws of physics behind snowflakes

What does an optimal communicational system have in common with a computational system?What are the core syntactic principles of language? Institute Professor & Professor of Linguistics...

Origin of word “Algorithm” roots to the “Decimal Number System” from India

Why are algorithms called algorithms? It's thanks to Persian mathematician Muhammad al-Khwarizmi who was born way back in around AD780. He was a director...

Software Patenting – Can you Patent Computer Algorithm


A code-based music creation and performance tool.

Now, code can output a music and Melody. https://youtu.be/6avJHaC3C2U?t=2580 http://sonic-pi.net/ - A Live code-based music creation and performance tool. It...

Drive your Technology Career through Change! DevOps/Kubernetes (K8s)

What is a team, (in Organization Theory): A structure in an Organization chart that allows their Strengths to be amplified and weaknesses to be compensated for. Speaker is the...

Visual Studio Productivity

VS productivity Keybinds These are the most useful shortcuts for Visual Studio: Project navigation Ctrl+T- easy navigationCtrl+,- open fileShift+f12- find all referencesCtrl+f12; Ctrl+click- goto implementationCtrl + –...

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